Tyler Hanson Reporting from somewhere in Irak-

march 28 2003 0h-2200 hour- Whats the Oh stand for- Oh my god it's early.

I am not allowed to give my exact location, but we are somewhere in southern Iraq, about 80 miles south of Baghdad, 20 miles north of Basra.

The fighting has continued and everyone tells me everything is going as planned. Same as it was yesterday and the day before. Big bombs were dropped from way up in the sky by big planes that took off in Germany, and that was followed by even bigger bombs shot from submarines and navy vessels 1,000 miles away, which was followed by some smaller bombs fired into the sandstorm by the tanks in the unit I am with.

"I love Blowing shit up." B.T. Jackson- tank gun operator

The sandstorm is about the only thing to report on right now, it has put the unit I am with at a dead stall. I told the troops that this is"Just like Burningman, but with out all the killing." None of the men know what I am talking about. Everyone is waiting for the storm to pass so we can get back to blowing shit up. So we sit and listening to the wind, the few bombs falling from the sky, and Sigur Ross coming out of the tanks speakers. The tension is mounting in anticipation for the battle ahead with the Republican Guard.

We are all a little sad too. We lost the "Joker"- Lieutenant J.T. Hooker -to Friendly Parachute yesterday. He was trying out one of the Marines new PWS- personal wind sail- right as the sand storm started, and was swooped up by a a hurricane gust and literally blew away. Like a flying squirrel. There is a report that he is somewhere over the Persian Gulf as I write this. We can only hope and pray for his swift return home safely.

The sandstorm has lifted and we are going to continue on are war path. This is Tyler Hanson reporting from the blown-up holy land...OUT


Lieutenant J.T. Hooker right before he blew away.


Lieutenant J.T. Hooker, flying away like a squirrel- Photo by Mohammed Alkhereiji, Arab News War Correspondent

Lieutenant J.T. Hooker over Kuwait. Photo by Capt. P.T. Barnum.