Arab Political Cartoons- from Al-Jazeera.


Operation "Shock and Awe" and the march to Baghdad (Emad Hajjaj, 3/27/03).

The translation- Incompetent Arab rulers don't see or hear anything (Khaldoun Gharaybeh, Al-Ra'i, 3/25/03).


"Al-Jazeera has an editorial line and a way of presenting news that appeals to the Arab public. They watch it and they magnify the minor successes of the (Iraqi) regime. They tend to portray our efforts in a negative light," Powell said in an interview with National Public Radio, broadcast on Wednesday.

Is hs saying that this is wrong. U.S. and it's Freedom of speech, in a box, for the world. We are invading another country, killing countless humans, and when a TV station shows our own troops who have been killed, it's wrong?!#@$.

Al-Jazeera is the Fox of the Middle East.

"All media must be aware of the limits of taste and decency," Mr Burridge said at a briefing at the Allied Command Centre in Qatar earlier today. link to this article about Blair being "Horrified" of Al-Jazeera's coverage

Um... IT"S FUCKING WAR. What part of any war is tasteful and decent?

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