SXSW kicked my ass! BackTO

I did get to do some some interviews with the some folks for Tech TV Aden Studio SX including Friendster Founder and CEO Jonathan Abrams -he was a arrogant ass who I think made Friendster so that he can get a date, opps did I just say that. Yes I did. Ah fuck Friendster, My Space and are much better. And they let Frosty live on in all his glory as regular user just like the real plastic human that he is- Unlike Mr. Abrams, who deleted Frosty from Friendster- asshole. The interview below doesn't have the part where I get up and beat the shit out of Jonathan and ask him-
"Why the fuck did you take Frosty off of Friendster? Huh Jonny boy, was it cause Frosty had more friends then any user ever on Friendster including you, the founder." Smack smack smack

Anyway the link to the edited interview that doesn't have me beating him up, which was the best part of course, all it has is my saying right, right, right, and not looking very interested- quicktime video here- FRIENDSTER


I got to interview thee Craig from talked about the state of the world and global internet conscience- thank you Craig for creating one of the most functional and at the same time simplest website to date.

But the best interview was with Ewan McFarlane of The Grim Northern Social- which was hands down the best performance I saw at SXSW, and one of the best I have seen in a long time. Fuckign ehg...

Hung out with all sorts of crazy folks, Jim Jarmusch, Speed Levitch and some dude named Tom along with a blur of others. But more about that later when I get around to it.