Dear Tyler,

We are so impressed with the hard work, passion, and creative talent demonstrated by the 2000 Digital Correspondent applicants who have reached out to us. Thank you for being one of the pioneering participants in our effort to transform television. This recruiting process has been instrumental in the shaping of our programming vision.

After a review of your application, we regret that we are unable to offer you a position as a full-time Digital Correspondent.

But, we want you to stay involved.  And we have a new framework for supporting your involvement.

While we can't possibly hire all of you in staff positions, the size and talent of our applicant pool has inspired us to do something bolder and with more impact. We are going to open our doors wide and invite all of our Digital Correspondent applicants, and anyone else who shares our aspirations and our values, to participate as a freelance producer who can submit content on-line and be rewarded for contributions that are broadcast on our television network.

The best path forward for a network that seeks to share a diversity of perspectives and to broaden the substance of televised content is not to rely just on a small elite to represent the thousands or millions beyond. No; to truly democratize television, we need to give all of you the opportunity to air your stories on our network.

We began to form this idea a few weeks ago, and it has since been reinforced by your online feedback and activity. With great interest, we've watched you organize yourselves and collaborate. We've watched as solicited and unsolicited concepts and material have flowed in. We have been overwhelmed, but also emboldened. And what we have come to believe is that there is a more effective path to making innovative television for and with our audience.

We know that waiting to hear from us has been frustrating. We apologize for our delay in communication. We were taking extra time and care as we crafted an expanded vision of our production model, and we are confident that the resulting open contribution platform will ultimately drive a stronger TV network and enable more participation.

So, we are now turning ourselves to the task of developing that platform: the tools, in the form of on-line training, editorial guidelines, and production templates; the context, an innovative programming strategy; and, of course, the incentives, monetary or otherwise.

We hope that your relationship with INdTV isn't over, but that it is just beginning. To succeed, we will need your continued passion and creativity.

But please realize that an idea this big will take us time to organize. We will be back in touch when we are ready to empower you with new tools in the right context with the right rewards.

This will be better than what we first imagined. Thanks to you, INdTV will be more open, more democratic, and have more potential to transform television.


P.S. In the meantime, there will be other employment opportunities at INdTV. Keep an eye on our website for new postings.


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